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Project Overview

Rivals of Aether

Rivals of Aether is an indie smash-like fighting game with a growing and thriving competitive scene. I designed and developed the official power rankings for Rivals, redesigned the game's subreddit, created a website for top Rivals eSports team TSMSB, and developed a helpful Rivals-related Discord utility bot.


Fullstack Development


August 2017


HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, React, GraphQL, Apollo, Next.js, Discord.js

Rivals Rankings

Rivals Rankings is a power rankings web application that catalogues and assigns a rating to each competitor in North America. The app automatically retrieves tournament results from using its API. The ratings of each player are calculated using Microsoft's TrueSkill algorithm. Rivals Rankings is a fullstack application built using React, GraphQL, Apollo, and Next.js.

Rivals Subreddit

I redesigned the Rivals of Aether subreddit. It features an animated header and an elegant, minimalistic design. Also comes with an optional dark theme.

TSMSB - Esports Organization

TSMSB is a top performing eSports team for Rivals of Aether. I personally worked with the founder of TSMSB to design the website. It features a fully functional blog that supports multiple authors. The website was statically generated using Metalsmith.

Discord Utility Bot

This Discord bot allows players to type in commands to choose their regions and the characters they play. In addition, it also allows online players to matchmake with others who have similar ratings. Built using the Discord.js framework.

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