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World's Hardest Platformer

World’s Hardest Platformer 2 is a skill-based 2D platformer game that builds on the idea of challenge in a way that is not unfair or frustrating, but fun. The World's Hardest Platformer series started with the idea of, 'What if Super Meat Boy was on mobile devices? Making it was ambitious and tricky, and we first released a prototype named World's Hardest Platformer on the Play Store. Unexpectedly, the game was an instant hit and we had over 50,000 downloads in two months with zero advertising. WHP1 had little features and only 24 levels, and we knew we could do better. Our goal with World's Hardest Platformer 2 was to create the ultimate platforming experience on mobile devices. We implemented every platforming feature that we could think of, and even an in-game level editor for players to explore their creativity. Our level designers were also very ambitious, and we doubled our 100 levels to 200 with the addition of 'Hell Worlds'. We hope that by releasing a very high quality game, success will come to our way.


Game Developer


May 2014


Java, libGDX, Android, iOS

“World's Hardest Platformer 2 is basically a distilled version of those nightmarish Mario ROM hacks, with pre-made levels that will make you beg for the warm embrace of 16-bit hardcore games.”

–Micheal Crider, Game Reviewer at

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