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21 September, 2016

Over the past years, I've tried many CSS style guides. I've tried OOCSS; I've tried SMACSS; I've tried naming conventions like BEM; I've tried company-wide style guides like Trello's Style Guide. All of them were okay, but I felt that they were missing something.

I want to share with everyone my CSS style guide that I have been experimenting with and found great success with. I call it LucidCSS.

very clear and easy to understand Merriam-Webster

I believe that there are three goals to any CSS style guide:

  1. Maintainable and scalable.
  2. Allows for rapid development.
  3. Overcomes specificity problems.

LucidCSS adds a fourth goal:

  1. Extremely simple.

CSS is complicated as heck, and I believe that we should strive to make our CSS writing as simple as possible.

My style guide is detailed here.