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Typography Handbook

13 June, 2016

After 2 years of experimentation, 3 months of daily research, 15% concentrated of will, and lots and lots of editing, I finally finished Typography Handbook - a concise, referential guide on best web typographic practices.

When I first started designing websites, typography was an area that greatly troubled me. Typographic design was hard, and technical implementation was even harder. I found it nearly impossible to find up-to-date information on best web typographic practices. There were many blog posts by experts with contradicting information, and existing books on the subject of web typography rarely go into details on technical implementation. I wrote Typography Handbook to solve this problem, and provide a definite place for beginners and experts alike to learn industry standard practices on typography.

I hope that the book helps you too, enjoy!

Update: Typography Handbook reached front page of /r/web-design. Thank you so much everyone for the support and the kind words! :)

Front page of /r/web-design