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Project Overview

Klei Entertainment

Klei Entertainment is an independent game development studio located in Vancouver, and best known for their games Mark of the Ninja, Don't Starve, Shank and Invisible, Inc. I worked personally with their developers to help create thematic landing pages, beta signups, widgets, and more for their games. I also did backend work to optimize and improve the existing architecture of the server codebase.


Frontend Engineer


September 2016


HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Express, various API

Hot Lava Landing Page

Hot Lava is Klei Entertainment's newest creation. A game built for speedrunners, the player's goal is to traverse the stage as fast as possible. I designed and developed this landing page for Hot Lava. It contains an abundance of videos, which are all optimized and responsive across all resolutions. The page also serves as a beta sign-up portal, which is fully integrated with MailChimp using its API.

Hot Lava Leaderboard

Working mockup of a leaderboard that can connect with the Hot Lava client and automatically update rankings. This was built using Sails.js, and stylized with Material Design.

Don't Starve Android Beta

This beta sign-up page saves the device information of participants in a database, and confirms their identity using Google OAuth.

Forum Redesign

I updated the Klei Entertainment forum with a new and modern FlatUI design. It was developed under the Invision Power Board (IPB) forum architecture, and contains both a Light and Dark theme that users can choose from.

Item Support Tool

The Don't Starve Together (DST) Item Support Tool is a frontend widget that connects to the backend Item Server and outputs API information. It is used to simplify and expediate item-related customer service.

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